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The Secrets to Make You a Bedroom Warrior REVEALED

Male Herbal Enlargement Oil is the effective Solution to Small Manhood, Weak Erections, and Premature Ejaculation in just 10 days. Made from proven organiv ingredients and Natural Oil With NO SIDE EFFECT. 

Have you been dissapointed after trying many enlargement products?

Are you frustrated dealing with low bedroom performance and partner's dissapointment?

There is a lasting cure to your “One-minute sex’’ with 100% guaranteed result in 10 days.

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Have you ever wondered why it's so difficult to please your woman and make her happy in bed? Do you even notice women faking orgasm just to make you happy? Have you been wondering if there's an effective method to transform your ‘’carrot-sized ’’ manhood and poor performance into the real "man-cucumber" that women can enjoy for longer? Perhaps you've been wondering if you can achieve stronger and long-lasting erections with no side effects.

In reality, pumps and most in-organic chemicals in penis enlargement products are recipes for skin allergies, damaged elastic tissue in the penis and other reactions which can range from minute to  life-threatening reactions.

MALE HERBAL ENLARGEMENT OIL is made from 100% Natural Ingredients and organic extracts which have proven to be potent in enlarging manhood permanently with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

This new Herbal Penis Enlargement Oli has helped tons of Nigerian Men o transform their sex life. Don't get discouraged by your people, they most likely ordered already too. SO, why lose your girl and self-esteem?

It is completely safe and approved by major health authoroties in Nigeria and overseas.

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Women find sexually defective guys extremely annoying, and here are the problems find extremely unbearable:

1. Small PENIS: 

Have you ever caught your woman calling yours a needle? Because that's what she callls it behind you. Agree to disagree, every woman wants a big penis large enough to fill her up. "Any size is fine" is just something she says to seem cultured and make you happy. Deep down, she wants something better and it's only a matter of temptation before she finds it somewhere else. Don't test your woman! Give her what she needs, and make her cum many times in a row.

2. Weak Erection ( Erectile Dysfuction)

If it's not hard enough, it's not good enough! Most men are faced with weak erections while others can't even hold on to an erection. The few men who have rock-hard erections are the real Casanovas. Women go behind close doors to beg them for a taste of what they carry. And why shouldn't it be so, you should ask yourself WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GAVE YOUR WOMAN A GENUINE, HEART-FELT ORGASM? Perhaps Never.

3. Five Minutes Shooting (Two seconds everything don burst!)        

This is only the most frustrating experience for women, and sadly, its a problem facing most men. Yes, you are not alone, others have been ordering too. Women often hide their dissapointment to save you what's left of your self-esteem.

Perhaps you've heard your woman saying "that was fast." It's a simple question of why get a woman started when you aren't fit for your role as a man. No woman is fine with premature ejaculation, and anything less than 30-45 minutes of straight hardcore banging is just leaving your woman exposed to other men.

Set things straight and become the hero your woman worships in bed.

Don’t lose your endowed partner and her warm embrace to another man. The oil works and it is currently being used by hundreds and thousands of other Nigerian men. The results are jaw-dropping and wowing.

All you have to do is apply about (10 drops) directly on the penis two times a day, usually morning and evening then massage evenly until oil is fully absorbed. Your woman will call you Zaddy this time. 

Male Herbal Enlargement oil is made up of Natural Ingredients:

  1. Botanical extracts like maca, jojoba oil, and saldalwood
  2.  Vitamin complexes
  3.  Antioxidants


Q. Are there side effects of using the oil?
Answer: It has NAFDAC approval, reassuring you of NO SIDE EFFECTS
Q. What age is the oil suitable for?
Answer: The oil is made from natural ingredients and it suitable for adults of all ages, even 70+
Q. How many can I buy?
Answer: You can order as many products as you want
Q. SO I have to keep using the oil?
Answer: No, the oil induces lasting growth in your penis, enduring your penis retains the growth even after you discontinue usage.
Q. Do I have to make payment before delivery?
Answer: No, once we have your delivery address, the product will be brought to you by a delivery agent who will also receive payment from you.
Q. Do you deliver anywhere in Nigeria?
Answer: YES, we have agents across the 36 states in Nigeria. The oil will be brought to your destination anywhere in Nigeria.


Absolutely, Yes. The oil has the approval of several international medical authorities. It is also NAFDAC approved and suitable for consumption for adults of all ages.


Mr. Uche From Lagos

Mr. David Ola From Abuja

Mr. Donald From Portharcourt



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Safe Usage Approval

Aside from the fact that this is approved by NAFDAC itself, It has also been approved by various agencies round the world including the Koshal Seal which is the highest form of approval in the world that any product can have. It is also rated #1 Best selling health product on Google presently.

Order now and pay on delivery! You are only expected to make payment on delivery after receiving the product.

Follow these easy steps to order your enlargement oil and get it delivered anywhere in Nigeria!

Text Male Enlargement Oil to 08067344784 followed by the following: 

* Your Full Name
* Your Phone Number
* Full Delivery Address and Local Government

 NOTE: Make sure your address is well written with full description.

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It has come to our notice that some unauthorized individuals selling fake copies of our Male Herbal Enlargement Oil products on the market at cheaper prices.

We hereby dissociate ourselves from such sellers. We have seen cases of customers reporting such products as ineffective. Please note that we are only responsible for products purchased from this official website and we guarantee the results.

Your Manhood should not be a testing ground for fake drugs. ONLY BUY THE ORIGINAL!

Dr. David, Healthy Living Advocate


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